HISTORY: To fill a need in the pressure sensitive industry for technical sales representation of facestocks, Hutchison Miller Sales Company (HMS) was founded in 1967 by Bob Hutchison and Bob Miller, both now deceased. As a manufacturers’ representative for films, paper, foils and fabrics HMS supplies products designed for adhesive coaters, label and tag converters and specialty packaging applications in North America.

Now in the 2nd generation the current sales and marketing team at HMS has over 75 years of combined experience in servicing the pressure sensitive industry. Hutchison Miller has four outside sales people supported by inside customer service.

In order to augment the service level by HMS, LSH Materials Ltd. was established in 1992 as a distribution arm. Owned and managed by the officers of HMS, LSH combines a customer oriented distribution network of multiple locations throughout the U.S. and Canada with state of the art converting equipment.

Based on HMS’s knowledge of people, companies and corporate resources in the industry, HMS is designed to service customers and potential clients in a timely and professional manner.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: HMS markets a range of products for pressure sensitive adhesive coaters and label converters, as well as some highly specialized packaging companies in North America. The products, which included papers, films, foils and fabrics and/or a combination of these components, can be custom engineered to meet the specific and unusual needs of customers. In many cases the solutions are innovative and unique constructions with tight product specifications. The end uses for these products can include niche markets which in many instances may not be served by commodity manufacturers.

In addition, due to LSH’s capabilities which include warehousing and converting of materials, a distribution network is in place that supports HMS’s sales efforts.

Through the creative endeavors of HMS and LSH, innovative applications have been developed for the principals and customers both in and out of the pressure sensitive field.

SUMMARY: Hutchison Miller Sales Company and LSH Materials Ltd. share a mission and primary goal to provide service with integrity, loyalty and a high level of ethics to both the customer and the companies represented for the long term. These principles will not be sacrificed for short term gains.

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